Buon giorno Antonio,
This coming Saturday, as you probably know, the LCBO will release some Brunellos from the 2010 vintage, which is considered to be the best of the century! I would like your piece of advice on the 'best buy'. There's one from Casale del Bosco at $ 39.95 and there's one from Quercecchio at the super price of $ 29.95.  I presume those bottles will sell very quickly-Suzanne

One of the most respected Italian wine is the red Brunello di Montalcino, a distinguished, austere and elegant "SIGNOR VINO". Brunello is the grape -- local name for the Sangiovese Grosso varietal -- Montalcino is the town, a must-do stop when travelling from Rome to Florence and you want to spend a few days exploring the wine country. 
Casale del Bosco and Quercecchio are both an excellent value for Brunello. Great small-size, family owned estates located on the West side of the hill of Montalcino. The wines boast excellent tannins, already mature --to my taste-- and ready to drink. (Although keep in mind that I like that distinguished tannic "signature" of Brunellos). When I sampled the 2010 vintage from the barrels I experienced that incredible feeling of a wine fully developed, smooth and velvety, compared to other vintages of Brunello. Yes, with the usual "Sangiovese" plums and cherries, but a notch up this time....almost like if, for this vintage, mother nature had provided an extra pinch of minerality and sea salt to boost the flavour...  
Brunellos are always a good match with game meat stews. Lamb is also excellent. How about home made fettuccine with wild-boar or duck ragout. Remember: if a wine is high in tannins you need more "juice" in the recipe (extra-virgin olive oil, liquids, fats) to assure that perfect balance you seek. In Italian I would say "un piatto succulento".

See you soon in Montalcino!


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